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Good Life VoxBox

What's in the Voxbox

Its been a very long time since I got my last VoxBox, the sweetheart one, I mean like six months, so you can understand why I was a little surprised when they sent me an email saying that I would be getting the Good Life VoxBox #GoodVoxBox . Especially since I’m not the healthiest of bloggers around, although I do a little bit of exercise and try and watch what I eat, until I get hungry anyways.  I’ll admit though when I first opened this box, I wasn’t impressed, honestly a little disappointed. After going through each of the products I’ve completely changed my mind though. 

First up are the Garcinia Cambogia Extract Weight Loss pills. I think these are the only thing in the box that I’m still not thrilled about. This supplements are supposed to help you loose weight by making your appetite go down. The problem though is that they’re kind of expensive and there are a lot of natural ways to do the same thing.

Then a product that I’ve been using for awhile, and the one I was most excited about, actually the only one I was excited about on first impression New Skin Liquid Spray Bandage. I have the hardest time putting on bandages and keeping them on is even harder. I feel like my suffocating my skin. With new skin I just spray and go.

Headache Relief To-Go is a product that is a really cool idea. I mean if you need instant relief its the way to go, and they have a whole line of other Relief to go products that are worth trying out. Since I rarely get headaches, I gave this to my boyfriend who liked it really well.

Greek Yogurt Zone Perfect Protein Bar. I’ve never had greek yogurt so I wasn’t exactly sure about how this would taste but when I was really hungry at school it filled my up. Surprising since it only has two hundred calories, and it was pretty good.

Nonni’s THINaddictives cookies I really expected these to be bad. I mean break your teeth spit them out kind of bad, but I was so wrong. These cookies taste amazing, and they really are addictive. 


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