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First Beekeeping Class

bee keeping class pictures

I’ve always been interested in self sufficient kind of things,  like a small orchard and when my mother was taking a class on beginner bee keeping I decided I could tag along. It was a ways away but the drive was nice so it wasn’t so bad. Although I wasn’t that interested in the class, I did learn a few things, and it seemed like my parents were very entertained. 

When we first came in he was just starting to talk about the bee keeping association. At first we were in the back, because we were a few minutes late due to being late, but when he started the actual presentation we had to move up. He was too quite to hear otherwise. Once we got into the real stuff it started to sound like a biology class.

Maybe I’ve just had too many good teachers in my time, but all of the things he was talking about I’d learned in school. I remember one time (in like first grade) they even brought in a glass sided hive for us to look at. He went over queens and drones and smokers, then mites. I felt like such an expert. After that since this was a 3 hour class we actually got into bee keeping and he showed us a few things.

First there was a diagram, biology class, then there was pollen which I’ve heard people eat because they think its good for them, then the nets which you put in the hives for the bees to build up. They can either be made of wax or silicon. The next class pass around was where the queen bee would live. Then a seal where you can see shoes from my von maur haul and jeggings from Abercrombie, another bee sample page, a one way door, honey and more bee products.

I wish this class wasn’t so long, because I got so bored and just started playing games on both my phone and my mother’s. I did learn a little bit though from the catalogs that I browsed through.


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