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Making Banana Bread with Pecans

how to make banana bread

 Its been awhile since I’ve done a cooking with Hanna blog post, actually the last thing I made was those fantastic blackberry crepes, and I had a few very old bananas so I decided I could make Banana bread. The recipe that I use for making banana bread is a very simple soft banana bread, well except for those added pecans, and only takes about forty minutes to bake. Since I’m trying to be healthy I also left out a few additives, and replaced others. The banana bread ended up tasting just as good, if not better than the less healthy alternative. 

making banana bread with pecans

The first step to making the banana bread, is to figure out what to wear when baking, because although this banana bread with pecans recipe is simple, its also a little messy. The first step is going to be adding The flour to a large mixing bowl.  Then add some honey, that way you can cut down on the sugar, and then comes the sea salt. Then low fat milk, and here comes the main ingredient bananas.Since I used older bananas they were already fairly soft so smashing them with a fork in a small dish was no problem.

I then added the bananas to the mix and then added some baking soda and smashed of some pecans and added them as well. Obviously if you have a nut allergy or want to reduce calories on your banana bread you can omit this step. I then added one egg, you could instead to two egg whites to make this a little healthier and put it in the mixer for about a minute making sure to scrap the side. I then poured the Pecan Banana bread mix into a glass cooking dish and put it in the oven for forty minutes.  When it comes out it should still be fairly soft, and put on a baking rack to dry. I always cut up my banana bread into snack size pieces in bags after it’s cooled.


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