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Making White Bread from Scratch

white bread in a block

 I think that I’m in a bread making kind of mood. Right before I made this white bread from scratch I made pecan nut banana bread. This white bread was just as easy to make but it did require quite a bit more time to finish, and without the bread machine would have been a lot of work. Although I myself would prefer a wheat bread over white it was requested that I make the white bread from scratch. Really though I do like the homemade white bread because it is so much thicker than the white bread you buy at the store. 

how to make homemade white bread

Probably the best part of making bread with a machine, other than the relief to your arms is the fact that you can just put everything straight into it. I remember when I made soft pretzels and even the Auntie Annie’s at home baking kit  the flour got every where, even before I started rolling it out. There were so many things to clean by the time I was done.

The first thing you put in the bread machine, is water. Then you add salt, then honey and butter. These steps are kind of important to do in line because making bread really is a chemical thing. The you add oats for texture and fiber, next is white bread flour and then powdered milk. The last thing you add is the yeast.

In the machine, which does everything else for you it’ll take about two hours and forty minutes to cook. Since it will be kind of loud (I talked about this in my What the Bread post) you might want to be considerate of when you do this.


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