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Holiday Park Nature Center

Pictures of Holiday Park Nature Center

When I went to that beekeeping class, it was at Holiday Park. Although I live fairly close I’d never been. Holiday Park is a huge wooded park with a playground pool and nature center. I didn’t get to look at too much anything other than the nature center but that was nice alone. Holiday Park is right off Meridian Street in Indianapolis. If you’ve never been in the area, its very nice, but some of the surrounding streets, not so much.

Walking up the entrance has a ton of rock work, probably because its a nature center, but still very different than the the Wah-Ba-Shika Nature Center. We had to go in and head straight right to our class. There are two different rooms with lessons there. Afterwards I went to the bathroom, and that reminded me of the one at the lincoln memorial, not all that nice looking but very clean. That is much better than the opposite

Then going in we saw all these animal pelts. There was a disclaimer saying they ordered the animal pelts, and didn’t skin them there but its all the same! Then there was the learning area. A few fake animals like the fox and the snakes, but most were real.

What's inside Holiday Park Nature Center

First up was this adorable owl, but it was so hard to see. It was behind a metal plastic thing, glass that had a ton of finger prints and smudges and then its own wire cage. Plus it was sitting in its box trying to nap. All of this added together makes for a very poor picture. Then there were the butterfly cocoons, that reminded be of elementary school, two turtles, a blue gill a tortes and a glass faced bee hive.

There were also nature viewing areas, where you could see the birds at a feeder and even a chipmunk. Inside we saw some stupid people taking pictures. Not like mine, but trying to set up fancy pictures with people in them. There is no way they turned out like anything. The Holiday Park Nature Center is a really nice park in Indianapolis but they should have taken them outside.

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