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Review: Clarion Coral Creme Nail Lacquer

polish by clarion

 I have a whole drawer of nail polishes ready to review, so I though I would go ahead with one of my older ones. I’m thinking its about ten years old, and may not even be available in stores anymore. I haven’t seen anything with Clarion, ever, and since I stole this nail polish from my mother, I can’t even say exactly where it came from. I can say though that I’ll probably be throwing it away, because although the coral color is very pretty, the nail polish has so many problems.

Starting with the nail polish bottle, Clarion Coral Creme looks like the type of lacquer that you’d see sitting up on a display at a 90’s salon. The lid isn’t that easy open, especially if you have long nails, but it doesn’t stick on, I didn’t have to pull at it too much. The bottle although, it looks large doesn’t hold a whole lot of nail polish, which can be either good or bad.

The color of this Clarion Coral Creme Nail Lacquer, is so pretty. I think its a little more pink than than the average coral, which would have more orange. This Clarion Coral reminds me a little Avon’s Pink Strawberry Nail Polish and Apple Bright Pink Nail Enamel, just with a little more red and maybe even a little more neon than either of those nail colors. As much as I like the color of Clarion Coral Creme, it doesn’t make up for how hard it is to apply,

Opening up the polish you see the brush, and on that brush is a big clump of lacquer, not something that I really a great thing to see. I was hoping that it was a one time thing, but on my nails this polish kept clumping up. The brush was way too sparse as well, making for an even worse look. Then twenty minutes after applying it was still tacky.

As beautiful as the Clarion Coral Creme nail lacquer is in the bottle, there is no way its going to look good on your nails. With the bad brush and clumping, its nearly impossible to get a nice looking finish, and I can guarantee it won’t be smooth. As an alternative, I’d recommend either of the pinks I mentioned earlier or Milani Juicy Glo Nail Polish.


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