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Review: Cover Girl Starry Blue Nail Lacquer

cover girl dark blue nail polish

 This Starry Blue nail polish by Cover Girl, is another old nail lacquer like that in my Coral Clarion Nail polish review. So I’m not sure if they even carry it anymore, but I do know that cover girl does have other drug store nail polishes around, even if it isn’t this one. Cover Girl’s Starry Blue is about 50% good and 50% bad, so I’m not sure exactly what to do with it. Somethings are really good, but others can use a lot of work.

The bottle of this old Cover Girl nail polish is just fine to deal with. It has the product name very large on the front so you know what you’re grabbing and the color, Starry Blue, is on a sticker on the top for those who like to store their  lacquers upright in a drawer. The container doesn’t have the easiest top to open though.

The color looks so bright and blue in the bottle but on the nails its going to be much darker. More like a right before midnight kind of blue, a good color for someone who likes black or french manicures, since this color will look very professional. For a more fun look, over it a glitter like Battle of The Sexes would look nice. 

This is what the Cover Girl Starry Blue Nail Polish looks like on, like mentioned before quite a bit darker than in the bottle. It does apply a little bumpy, but nothing a good top coat wouldn’t fix, like LA Colors morning glory, to bring out the purple. One thing though that is really cool about the Starry Blue Cover Girl polish is that it only takes one coat to do, something pretty rare among polishes. 

Overall I love the dark blue that this Starry Blue Cover Girl nail lacquer has, even if it isn’t the same as the bottle says. The bottle is just fine, but the application, with all the lumps is no fun. It does make up for it that that with its one coat application. Another good color to try would be Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings.


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