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Review: Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy

Metallic Blue purple nail polish

 Currently on my toes, is Wet n Wild Fast dry nail lacquer in Gray’s Anatomy. Although I watched a tv show with the same title a few times, when it was on (maybe two years ago?) This color, doesn’t really remind me anything of that, and really its not grey at all. It is though a great drug store nail polish, applying easily, with a nice color, great container, and with only one little problem. 

This Wet n Wild container is a round bottle, with a lid that’s slightly narrower than the bottle itself. Although the brand name is printed clearly on the front finding the color, Gray’s Anatomy, is a little harder to do. Its actually on a side sticker that also has the bar code, something I’d pick off on accident. Opening this nail polish bottle is pretty easy, as the sides have ridges which is really nice.

The color of Gray’s Anatomy is very nice, but doesn’t have even a hint of grey. It has a base purple similar to Wet n Wild on a Trip’s lilac purple  and a blue green shimmer color that only shows in the light. It reminds me a little of Essie Penny Talk with its metallic sheen. This isn’t a very bright or loud color, and a few people might find it too mute form them.

The Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy applies like a dream. Its very smooth and not too much spill over. The brush could use a few more bristles but it didn’t hurt my application too much. The only problem I had with this nail lacquer is that it applied so thinly. It really does need a third coat to pop, but since its speed dry it won’t take longer than other polishes.


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