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Nexplanon Didn’t Work for Me

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I’ve done a lot of talking, actually two blog posts about having my nexplanon. First was about getting the nexplanon put in , and then after having it for awhile, a nexplanon review. This though is going to be the last post that you see about me having a Nexplanon because this is in fact the removal post. Its supposed to be a three year kind of birth control, but after less than six months in my arm, I had to have it taken out. My period wouldn’t stop. Every three or four hours in went a new tampon, not to mention all the cramps and pimps. 

For a little less than a month it was all good, no weird hormones, no period or anything, and then it came. When my period was scheduled to start, it did and it was a little heavier than I thought it would be. I had been warned about this though, and figured it was just my body getting used to the hormones. The problem though was that my period didn’t stop.

For the first time as long as I can remember I bleed through a tampon, a few times actually, even though I had started using Super Plus Kotex Tampons. Never before had I worried about using anything other than regular tampons, or bringing a handful with me for a long school day. When I first called they told me that with Nexplanon this could last for three months, so after waiting and waiting I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I went to have it out.

Going to the doctor I had to fill out all those weird pieces of paper work before but the wait wasn’t to long. Then I went in and talked to the doctor. He seemed shocked that Nexplanon didn’t work for me. Apparently almost everyone. Its especially weird since the pills that have the same hormone worked just fine for me. He then numbed my arm made a small incision and started pulling. Other than a little pressure I didn’t feel a thing. He gave me about three months of pill samples to try (I think because he felt bad) and then I was gone.

Since I had to start the pills the day after having the Nexplanon taken out I had a ton of hormone in me. So much so that I had morning sickness. For a few days it was terrible. Then my period stopped and I was back to normal, like pre nexplanon normal. And I still am. It feels great.


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