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What to Wear in Fall Weather

Fall Style Guide

Bag / Jeans / Boots / Sweater 

Fall Outfit Guide

As it would seem, fall is here. Lately there’s been a lot of cool weather in my area, except for the past today, which wasn’t hot, but not the crisp cold that I love about this time of year. I’m sure though, that the weather will go back to the way I like it, especially since we’re already into october. Although I think winter is my favorite season of all, I mean how can you not love the Christmas cheer, my favorite season to dress for is hands down Fall. So I’ve made a style guide all about comfortable but still fashionable fall wear so you can be as ready as I am for the cool weather and falling leaves.

  • Wool Cashmere Sweater, Sonia Rykiel – I know I can’t be the only one who isn’t all that into the whole itchy hot sticky wool sweater thing, so I found a blend. You can’t go wrong with cashmere when it comes to sweaters, and all that softness and comfort is well worth the extra price. The dark oatmeal color I went with would look amazing on almost any skin color, and really does play into the mute fall color scheme.
  • Chocolate Color Boots, UGG Australia – A lot of people like to make fun of girls who wear UGG boots, but there is a reason they’re so popular, comfort. I gave my boyfriend a pair of UGG slippers  which like the boots are amazingly soft and warm on the inside. They are cute too, and look quite good in a laid back way. For another outfit with Ugg Boots for fall, see my Four to Fit in outfit guide.
  • Vanilla Handbag, Michael Kors – My favorite handbag shape for everyday use is of course the satchel style bag. Not only is it easy to carry, but it keeps its shape, and is a classic. Although I’m normally no the most frequent bag carrier, I do carry around the satchel bag from my birthday presents, and it fits everything I could ever want without being too bulky.  The vanilla color of this bag, and leather accents will go amazingly with any fall color, especially the brown that plays a big part in this outfit guide.
  • Distressed Denim Jeans – I have been wearing a larger amount of skirts and dresses this year than I did last, but jeans are still the best thing for fall weather. Nothing is more embarrassing than your skirt flying up in front of a group of people due to the fall winds. Although these jeans are torn (distressed!) I think it actually makes the outfit look more put together, because of the contrast. You can also check out How to Look Classy in Jeans and Looking Classy in Jeans  for more ideas. 

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