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App Review: StampedeRun

StampedeRun game

 I’ve been playing Running with Friends by Zynga for awhile now, and actually was introduced to it by my boyfriend who’s whole family played it on their iPhones. I had old screen shots of the app, and was going to do a full review of it, but never got around to it before the change to StampedeRun. I mean with everything going on app reviews have been pretty low on my list. the last one I did was Hair Salon 2 back in June. But with the major changes to the game I figured now was a great time.

First of all, unlike in Running with Friends you don’t need to play against someone although the option is still available. I really do like that you can plan endless games against your own high score, this is probably my favorite thing about the new game. But the list of dislikes is pretty long.

stampede run

First off instead of having stars now, you have coins. Stars didn’t contribute to anything but your score but these coins will help you to buy future permeant power ups which creates a problem. The permeant power ups means the more you play the high score you’re going to have making it hard to a hobby player to beat someone who is addicted to the game, like me. These power ups are expensive too.

The achievements have changed two, so that you can work on three at a time. The thing is, you don’t get any reward for them, and until you complete all three you can’t go on to a new set. Not even worth bothering with in my opinion.  Plus levels are no longer a thing in the game, so all that hard work I went to getting to level 60 doesn’t even matter.

Overall I’m not that big of a fan of these changes. People who saw me playing the game before thought it was a little like temple run, and now its exactly like temple run. I’m surprised there isn’t some copyright issues to be honest.


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