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How to Wear Geometric Prints

what to wear with geometric pants

What to Wear with Geometric Prints

Since I did my Comfortable Fall Outfit, which was quite popular I’ve been asked about doing another outfit How To for cool weather, but something that’s a little more trendy. After looking at a few different fashion trends that are currently in style, and I saw one that caught my eye, geometric prints. Although it looks amazing on the rack, styling an outfit with an type of geometric print, especially in a way other than jeans and a geometric print tee shirt can be a challenge. This outfit reminds me a little Tall and Classy How To  but instead of being super high fashion this geometric trend is a very wearable street style.

  • Crop Top, Pieces – Crop tops look amazing with printed bottoms, because it breaks up the geometric bottom keeping the look from being too busy. Since this crop top is black, and has an irregular hem line  its going to be more forgiving than your average crop top as far as having a belly goes. You can also look at the Crop Top Style Guide.
  • Geometric Print Jeans, Sass & Bide – I decided on this geometric print because for one its on a pair of jeans, meaning its something that can be worn fairly often. Its also a grey and white, so its not too harsh to look at, but the top reason for using this geometric print is that the print is vertical so it will lengthen the legs, and make you look a little thinner.
  • Mint Green Nail Color – Since the rest of this outfit is mute colors like black and grey with only a bit of white around, there really needs to be a pop of color. Since this outfit has the whole Mode Style going for it, I didn’t want to add it into the shoes or the bag, which left the nails. Another great color to go with would be Wet N Wild on a Trip.
  • Peep Toe Booties, Lipsy – Black booties are the way to go for fall weather. They have the season changing vibe without being too much of a commitment like full length boots. The black color goes perfectly with the outfit and will work all winter, and that heel makes your legs look perfect.
  • Quilted Bag, Chanel – Although I’m sure most of us only dream about Chanel , but their pieces look perfect on a style board. This quilted bag adds a little softness to what could be a pretty harsh Geometric Outfit. For a cheaper quilted bag, Kate Spade makes some very nice ones.

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