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Review: Simple Moisturizer Lotion

simple brand lotion

Although it seems like fall should be the time of year when you get to wear a sweatshirt without shame and see all the pretty orange, red, and yellow leaves it does have a few drawbacks. Like the cold air, and even worse dry skin. I never expect it to come, and but somehow around this time of year my face always seems to to get these dry flakey skin patches. Although they don’t hurt, they do look a little gross, so I was glad when Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer came to my rescue. 

Simple is a drug store brand that I’ve review two products for before, that you can check out, my Simple Facial Wash Review and Simple Facial Wipes Review, both of which received very high marks. What’s special about Simple is that they’re products are made for sensitive skin. This moisturizing lotion has one vitamin, three skin specific ingredients, and best of all no artificial perfume or dyes. 

As far as the packaging goes, just like the brand its very simple. It states everything you need without being loud and over the top. I’m kind of into the green color for some reason as well. The cap is easy to open but you do have to have a little muscle to squeeze out the lotion. The smell is non-existant. The texture of the moisturizer is very smooth, and just a little thinner than Nivea Soft.

I used the Simple Moisturizing Lotion all over my face twice a day, and after day two, all my flakey dry skin issues were gone. I didn’t have any irritation problems, or acne to report about, and the lotion stays on the skin well, I could even apply foundation right after use.

As far as face lotions go, this Simple brand Moisturizer is my favorite. It doesn’t have any type of grimy feel afterwards that would clog up my pores, doesn’t irritate my skin and it works so well. My skin feels smooth and soft, even in the outside weather.


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