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How to Look Classy in a Hoodie

looking good in a sweat shirt

Jacket / Jeans / Shoes (similar)  / Bag / Bow

Best Way to Wear a Sweatshirt
Finally it seems like the weather is back to feeling like fall. For a few days it was cold then, warm and I’m really hoping this crispy feeling stays around for awhile. I’ve already done What to Wear in Fall Weather guide, that featured some comfy clothes, but I purposely left out a piece that I know a lot of people love to wear on cool days, hoodies. A sweatshirt isn’t something I would normally wear, because lets face it, it just doesn’t look all that classy, or put together when someone wears one. I do have to say though that although this isn’t quite as classy as my How to Look Classy in a Mini Skirt outfit, this Hoodie outfit looks pretty fancy. 
  • Hoodie, Roxy – Unless you’ve going out for a run, never ever should you wear a simple baggy sweatshirt outside of your house. Especially if there are possible food stains on it. With its bright pink colors, and feather print this Roxy hoodie is a step above the rest. I love that it has a grey lining on the inside.
  • Boyfriend Jeans, Sass and Bide – I did a guide on wearing boyfriend jeans before, and although they’re loose and a little baggy, almost nothing beats a cuffed pair for a go to casual look.  I love a darker color, and since it is a little cooler, a pair without the distressed look is nice.
  • Lace Booties, Store Envy – Booties with a big heel are the perfect thing for fall, actually in my TJ Maxx Fall Haul I bought my own pair of black boots, but these cream lace and bow boots are a little more elegant and balance out the whole sweatshirt on top.
  • Tote Bag, Michael Kors – I say it all the time that bags, aren’t really my thing, but they are growing on me, and who doesn’t love something from Michael Kors. This grey leather bag is perfect for fall because grey and leather are always both in for fall. Not to mention it’ll take a whole lot of tear without showing much wear.
  • Black Bow – I’m sure a lot of girls my age would think that they’re a little too old for sticking bows in their hair, but used as a hair tie or in a headband they’re never out of style. Since I have both boyfriend jeans and a hoodie adding in a cute hair bow really does do the trick for making this outfit a little more feminine.

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