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Suburbia the Facebook Game

my suburbia house

This screen reminds me a little of when I used to play that sims game on facebook, and actually I started playing Suburbia to replace the Facebook Sims game because the makers decided to simply delete it, a lot of people as you can imagine were quite upset. Goes to show you how fragile virtual things are. Anyway this is about my other current Facebook game addiction, Suburbia, the first being Village Life. Overall although this game has some cool features, it isn’t worth playing. 

What happens is you have this house, your player rank is based on the value of this home, and you get money to buy stuff for it. There are a lot of similar games to this, but in my opinion Suburbia is the nicest. You first pick a job, jewelry maker or musician, and then use that to work. I decided on rock star because I’m cool, and then you do enough jobs and get other points like charisma, and creativity, style and then you level up in your job so you get paid more. There are also a few quests to do, but you can finish those in about a day. 

Then you can clean up your yard, getting items, and visit your neighbors to do tasks around there home and nothing else. The game doesn’t have much going on. There aren’t that many things to do. It takes forever to earn money so you can’t go shopping for clothes or furniture not that there are that many anyway.

I wish that there was simply more to do. Maybe another job that you could get, an interactive type thing, or best of all quests. They don’t have to be a part of a story like the others, just something simple and fun with little rewards. Not nearly as many as FarmVille. 


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