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Nursing Home Presents

Gifts for the Nursing Home

If you remember, last year I did a blog post about Nursing home gifts and this year my family is doing it again. Basically what we do is get together a few essentials for people living in a retirement home in the  town next to mine. The nursing home is a very working class one, actually we pulled two boys for Christmas presents through our church from the same neighborhood, and about two weeks before we send off the presents we call the home and see who doesn’t have a family. Its nothing big or fancy that we get them, but who wants to have nothing as a Christmas present? That means that no one is thinking of you, something that probably happens at their age.

frog stuffed animal

Here’s what the outside of the bag looks like. Plain white with a Christmas scene attached and a yellow ribbon with a candy cane. On the side is a Frog (similar to the recycled cat I made) that comes with the present, although some people are getting rabbits and some pillows. 

what to put in a care package

Here’s the inside. Like I said nothing fancy, just a little care package. Baby shampoo, a toothbrush, lip balm and lotion so they don’t get all dried out, and a pair of long warm socks. Since we don’t know the people we can’t say what they’d really like so we just try and get things that anyone could use. 

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