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Review: Avon Tuscan Russet Nail Polish

Avon's orange red nail polish

 I’ve really been on a run with my nail lacquer reviews, so I’m sure it isn’t any surprise that I’m doing another review, this one over Avon’s Tuscan Russet nail polish. There are a few things that I really do love about this nail polish, but honestly its not a product that I’d re-buy or one that I’m not even sure I’ll use again. That’s kind of sad too, because I really wanted to like you Tuscan Russet.

When I reviewed Avon White Mosaic Effects, I mention how much I loved square bottles, and I know this nail polish bottle isn’t square, but I love it too, so maybe Avon’s just good at that kind of thing. The oval shape is very appealing for displays of any kind, it sits up nicely on its own, and the cap is easy to open. The brush on the inside is nice too, and I have no problems to report from it.

The thing I’m not happy about though, is how it works. You see this Avon Tuscan Russet Nail Polish has a beautiful red orange color, that I myself would name rust. A color that I myself would name rust, but it just doesn’t apply well. As you can see below.

I first noticed the polish was going to be a problem as soon as I put the first bit on my nails, its just very thin going on. Then as I put a little more on I noticed that it wasn’t quite laying right something I hoped would be fixed by the second coat, of course it just turned out worse. As you can also see it kind of gets all over the place as well. 

Overall as I hinted to in the introduction, I don’t like Avon Tuscan Russet Nail Polish. I think this is the first avon polish that I haven’t been a fan of. The color is beautiful, as is the bottle, but I can’t get past the fact that it doesn’t apply well at all, and isn’t that the most important part? Instead of this polish, I’d recommend trying Avon’s Bare Necessity. It isn’t as dark or warm as this color, but it works so nicely.


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