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Review: Avon White Mosaic Effects Top Coat

White shatter nail polish avon

 Long ago, well over a year ago, I did a very terrible review over Avon’s Black Mosaic Effects, really the only part worth looking at are the pictures, so I decided I could do a do an improved review. Plus this Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat is in white, so its a totally different thing. Underneath this shatter polish is another nail lacquer I just reviewed Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple Nail lacquer. There are a lot of things that I really like about this mosaic effect and only a little I would change.

Starting out with the packaging, I love it, its the same as a lot of new avon polishes like Avon Mink Vision Nail Polish.  The square bottle is easy to store, and if you store it in a drawer there’s enough space between the lid and edges of the bottle that you can see the color from above. The lid is easy to open and the brush on the inside is quite nice.

To apply, first paint on two colors of whatever nail polish you’re going to want to show as the cracks. Make sure this drys completely, and then apply your Avon white Mosaic Effects. You’re only going to need one coat, and once it drys you’ll have your cracked nail polish manicure look.

shatter nail polish on

Here it ism not that impressive, although the middle and index finger look quite good. It dried quickly, but isn’t very smooth on the top. I think if I would have used a shiny undercoat, instead of a matte one it would have broken up better, and as for the rough feeling, I think this shatter polish just needs a top coat.

Overall I really like Avon Mosaic Effects shatter nail polish in white. It has a great bottle, goes on nicely, a little thicker than normal nail polish, and has an interesting look. Before I try again I’m going to have to do a few things differently though. This is more of a summer color, although for the winter time, a red or green would look awesome. I see a snow covered look in my future.


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