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Review: Loreal Sea Violette Nail Polish

Perle Loreal Sea Violette

 I said that the Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple Nail Polish was old, but this Loreal Sea Violette nail lacquer is at least ten years old. So this review I’m sure isn’t what’s a part of the Loreal nail polish formula. I did however want to do a review of this polish for one because I was going to wear it anyways, and two because its still really nice. I guess some polishes do really last for ages, even after being previously opened.

Starting with the bottle, I’m not really a fan to put it bluntly. Its very similar to the Clarion Coral Creme Nail Polish, and I’m just not into a square shape with rounded edges. It doesn’t line up well with other bottles and sometimes you can’t get it to stand upright on its on. I also find the square cap hard to open. The brush on the inside though is quite nice.

old loreal nail lacquer on

Although I do have quite a few complaints about the bottle this Loreal Sea Violette Nail Polish, the inside is what counts and this nail lacquer is great. It goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and the color is just opaque enough after two coats. The color is a nice maroon red. It does have a little pit of purple but nothing like Avon Fusion Nail Polish. Its a very medium lightness color and slightly warm. Its a very feminine color.

Overall I really like this Loreal Sea Violete nail polish. It has a terrible bottle, but a nice brush and the formula is great. It goes on well, dries quickly, and doesn’t chip. I love the warm red purple color mix, and its a great girly version of the Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple Nail Polish


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