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Review: Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple Nail Polish

Nail  Polish Nina Ultra Pro

 Its been awhile since I’ve done a nail polish review, and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m going to start with an older nail polish of mine, Nina Ultra Pro in Punki Purple. It has a cons to note, but overall its a great nail polish. Starting with the bottle on this nail lacquer, its circular, which can be quite nice if if you store your nail polishes in a drawer, because you can see the color from above. The brand is easy to read, but to find the name of the color you do have to look on a sticker that’s on the bottom.

More importantly, how well does it work. Opening it up, the brush isn’t my favorite, it kind of slops around the color, but it is better than a lot of drug store nail polish brushes. I’d say its about on par with Spoiled Battle Of the Sexes Nail Lacquer brush wise. The formula for the Nina Ultra Pro goes on opaque enough that I could have gone with one coat, minus one of those silly white proteins that I have on my finger. 

Punki Pink Nail Lacquer on

Color wise its a medium dark purple, almost a grape wine color, the picture shows it a little lighter looking than it is in real life. I’d say its the red version of LA Colors Morning Glory, and I quite like its Punki Purple color. It is a little edgy, and would love great with a black based outfit. After a few days of wear this nail lacquer has held of very well, I’ve yet to see a crack and I didn’t apply a base or top coat.

This Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple nail polish, is one of my top favorites. When I first started applying it I wasn’t all that big of a fan, but before my nails were even dry, I was a convert. I love this grunge feel it has, and it lasts so long.  


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