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Review: Revlon Glitz & Glam Nail Polish

Glitz & Glam Nail Swatch revlon

Normally I like to start out my nail polish reviews with a picture of the nail polish bottle alone, but this silly Revlon top speed fast drying nail enamel has such a shiny lid that I couldn’t get my camera to take a nice picture. So I guess you get to see what the Glitz & Glam polish looks like in a swatch before reading anything else. There are a lot of good things to say about this revlon polish, but also a few bad.

First off I’m not all a fan of this Top Speed Revlon bottle. Its just not very pretty, and a little tacky. This is a nail polish bottle that looks like its from the drug store, so its not for display, much better off hidden away. Especially with all those words, that being said though there are a few good things about this Revlon Glitz & Glam bottle, the brush is nice, and the bottle is easy to open.

This nail polish goes on like a dream. Originally I was going to put a color underneath it, something like Avon Bare Necessity Nail Polish but I figured I could try it without to give a better feel for how it really looks, and I’m glad I did. This polish is so opaque that I only used one coat, and that glitter spread a lot smoother than I thought it would. And that whole speed dry label wasn’t lying because this nail polish was quick to dry.

I didn’t expect it, but I absolutely love the color of Revlon Glitz & Glam nail enamel. Its pretty in the bottle, but on my nails, its absolutely gorgeous. I’m considering changing what I’m going to wear to a Christmas event on Saturday just so I can wear this glitter medium pink nail polish. Its even prettier than the sparkly Battle of the Sexes by Spoiled

I really do love this nail polish, and plan on wearing it a lot, especially over the holidays. Its easy to apply, and has such a pretty color. There is one bad thing though and that is that it seems like its going to chip pretty easy. But since I’m a nail polish outfit matcher it won’t matter too much.


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