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How to Wear Bows and Uggs

Uggs outfit
Although I’m sure I’ll get a lot of feedback on doing an outfit post with UGG boots, kind of like I did the first time I did a blog post on How to Style Uggs , and later when I did a post about What to Wear When Donating Blood that featured a pair of Uggs. I’m hoping though that this pair of UGG Bailey Bow boots will change you into an Ugg convert, because so many of the shoes are very cute, not to mention how soft they are. And I mean this is a casual outfit. 
  • Meow Sweatshirt – Although sweatshirts aren’t all that fashionable, this is more of a casual just hanging out, or running errands outfit, and this sweatshirt has a cat theme to it. Not to mention it is off the shoulder, so it has a little style to it.
  • UGG Bailey Bow Boots – As I mentioned before,  not everyone loves UGGs but this pair is so cute. The pink color is so feminine, and the bows on the back add to the boot so nicely. The best part of an UGG boot though is how comfortable they are, which was the whole reason I forced a pair on Big Hair.
  • Whitewash Skinny Jeans, Frame Denim – No matter if those jeans are called bootcut, the best cut of jeans to wear with any type of boot is a skinny jean. They just fit in boot shaft better. I decided on an almost acid wash color because the contrast with the pink.
  • Polka Dots and Moon Beans Nail Polish – I love glitter nail polish, so of course when I saw this Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer I had to add it to the outfit. The black and white sparkle is so pretty. Oh and the Pink bow, it ties in with the bows on the back of the boots.

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