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Review: Milani Raspberry Fusion Nail Polish

Milani Rasberry Fusion Nail Polish

 Here’s the Milani Fusion Nail Polish that’s currently on my toes. I’ve done a review of Milani Juicy Go Orange Nail Polish, and liked it really well, and but this Milani polish is only so so. For a drug store nail polish, its not bad at all, but not a polish I’m going to grab for, when I’m just feeling like painted nails. There are of course positives about this nail enamel though.

Starting with the bottle, I like it fairly well. The shape is nice, and although I don’t like the lid color its easy to open. I wish that the name of the polish was written on the bottle itself instead of on the tag with the bar code, because sometimes I like to tear those off the back. Oh yeah, and the brush is nice. 

As far as how well this nail polish works I’d say really well. It goes on very smoothly, even on my damaged toe nails, and is totally smooth. It also dries pretty quickly so you aren’t going to be waiting forever on it. The only thing I don’t like, is how light the color goes on, just like Avon Chic Pink Nail Polish, its just not opaque enough. 

Here’s what it looks like on my toes. Very smooth and shiny but looks like it needs a third third coat. Sure it a sweet almost light, but still medium color pink with a warm tone, which is nice but its just doesn’t pop. If this Milani Raspberry Fusion Nail Polish was an eye shadow I’d say it isn’t pigmented enough.

Overall I’d wear this nail polish again, but only if it was to match a specific outfit. The polish goes on nice and smooth but it doesn’t have anything special about it. I’d recommend the Avon Fusion instead of this Milani Raspberry Fusion nail polish for a more vivid look. 


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