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Review: Sinful Colors Courtney Orange Nail Polish

Courtney Orange By Sinful Colors Lacquer

 Long ago, over a year ago actually I did a post about The Best Drug Store Nail Polishes, and this Sinful Colors Courtney Orange nail enamel made the cut. Its a great polish for so many reasons, and I honestly can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. I have the Sinful Colors nail lacquer in blue as well, so you might see that in the future. 

First is the bottle that holds the nail polish. I love it because for some reason the bottle reminds me of something sinful. I’m not sure if its the top that gets narrower as it goes higher, or the orange color. The print is easy to read, and although the color isn’t printed on the bottle it is on the bottom. The brush is easy to use and the bottle cap easy to open.

This  nail polish goes on so nicely. Its smooth and creamy, doesn’t clump, and has yet to chip. I did have a little bit of run over problems but that’s my only complaint. Going on it was so opaque that I only needed one coat, just like Revlon Glitz and Glam Nail Polish, and this is a huge plus to me.

Here’s how it looks on. Its a very warm dark orange. Its quite a bit darker than the Milani Juicy Glo Orange Nail Polish and not nearly as preppy. I’d say this is about two steps above going to a straight black nail polish. That doesn’t mean this is just for halloween kind of orange, its also a great fall color, and even winter because its so dark.

Overall as you might know since I put this polish in a post as one of my favorites, I love the Sinful Colors Courtney Orange Nail Polish. It goes on amazingly well, needing only one coat, and is a great color. An orange like this is pretty unique.


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