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Review: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Cherry Red

Sally Hansen Red Nail polish

Here’s the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail color, in Cherry red, could the nail be any longer for a nail polish? Anyway I’ve reviewed other Salley Hansen nail polishes before, like the purple No Hard Feelings, but this is the first time I’ve reviewed one of their Hard as Nails Xtreme wear colors. Surprising, since I’m pretty sure this is one of the first brands of nail polish I bought for myself. 

The bottle, I’m not at all a fan of. Its a little too round and high for my tastes. I  feel a little like I’m looking at a tower. Not only that but the label is so tacky that awhile back I even tried to tear it off. I do have to say though that I like the fact that they put their color name stickers on the top of the bottle. That’s great for storage.

As much as I hate how this nail polish presents itself, it is a great drug store lacquer. It goes on smoothly, without much run and although the brush isn’t that great manages to apply an even coat. Its even opaque enough that I only need one coat, which I always love.

This is the color of Sally Hansen Cherry Red. When I was first applying it, this nail polish seemed like a pink red, but as it dried it became a lot darker. I’d say this is a very dark red, maybe even with a hint of black in it. Its fairly shiny and does have a lot of pigment to it.

Overall I really like this nail polish. It has a stunning red color, applies well, not causing me any problems, and it lasts forever. The only thing I don’t like is that ugly bottle, so Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Cherry Red, is a polish to buy, but only if you don’t have an open display system.


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