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Review: Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost Nail Polish

wet n wild green blue color

 I know I know, you can’t see what this bottle says but you’ll have to trust me, that its Wet n Wild. I can just barely see the print on the bottle in very high light and in pictures you can’t see it all. I’m not sure why the print on the front is so worn out, because on the back its not bad, which is why I know the color, Caribbean Frost of this Wet n Wild nail polish.

Since I’ve already talked quite a bit about the Caribbean Frost bottle, I’m going to talk about it some more. I’m not really a fan of the shape of the bottle, and it doesn’t fit in with any other ones that i have, the cap isn’t all that easy to open and the brush is only okay. I simply wish all Wet n Wild nail polish bottles looked like the one that On a Trip is in.

This Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost Nail polish only works so so. Its not like it clumps or cracks, but its just not that easy to apply. A little too runny for me. Also it goes on lighter than I’d like.

Here’s what one coat looks like on my toes. you might notice that this nail lacquer looks very similar to Sinful Colors Gorgeous Nail Polish as well as Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls. It is the same blue green medium tone cool color. The only difference is that this Caribbean Frost has a tad more green to it, and a lot of overall shine.

Overall I’m not that impressed with this Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost nail polish. It works fine, and all but isn’t anything special. With so many colors similar to it, I’d rather use one of those instead. I mean if this is a polish you have at home, you don’t need to throw it away, just not get it again.


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