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How to Dress like a Comic Con Girl

dressing comic con everyday
Some how while on the inter webs, it seemed that I came across a few pictures (okay whole galleries) of women dressed up for Comic Con. There were a ton of results for things like “hot comic con girl”, and while some were pretty, others were just half naked. Taking this as my inspiration, I decided to make an outfit for how to dress if you’re a comic con fan, that’s a little less elaborate, but quite a bit more wearable then many of the photos I saw. This How to Dress Like a Comic Con Girl outfit, could be a great way to show your spirit in the real world.
  • Comic Print Top – The most important part of the outfit, is of course the t-shirt, because it printed to look like a comic book page. I love the bright red and blue that pop out, but by far the best thing about this top is the cut. The crop top allows you to show off a little stomach, and the lower (for a t-shirt) neckline means this will work for even bustier girls. See How to Wear a Crop Top
  • Black Beanie – I love the look of a beanie, and dark eye make up like I wore with my cat eared hat. Really any type of hair will go with this hat, as long as it has volume. A bright blue or red hat would also look great, especially if you have darker hair. See Classy Jeans Slouchy Hat
  • Light Blue Skinny Jeans – Originally for this outfit I wanted to add a pair of black skinny jeans, but after seeing it together, I couldn’t do it. It just didn’t look right. These light blue jeans though give an all american look that’s a big part of the Comic Con girl culture.
  • Classic Toms – I know I’ve talked about before how I’m not a big fan of toms, but like UGG boots, they’re growing on me. Maybe this is in part because my boyfriend wears them all the time, but I can’t help my influences. Really though, from the pictures, Toms seem like the shoes to wear to Comic Con. See How to Wear Toms 
  • Leather Satchel – Marc Jacobs has been a designer that I’ve admired (well his work anyways) since high school, and this bag is no exception. I love the dark red color, and leather material. Plus with a strap its easy to carry, and its big enough to fit anything you need in it.

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