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Review: Maybelline FitMe Foundation Stick

stick foundation by Maybelline

Just like the Ponds BB+ Cream that I reviewed, this Maybelline New York FitMe Foundation Stick came in the mail as a free sample. So of course I had to try it out. I’ve actually used quite a few Maybelline New York products. Before this Fit Me Foundation Stick I hadn’t used any of these type of things since high school. 

Obviously I can’t say how the packaging of this foundation stick actually is, but I’ve seen it in the stores so I can give you a basic idea. The most obvious comparison I can make is to a Softlips chap stick . You roll it out from the end and just kind of smear it on. Its not one of those brush kind of foundations. 

As for how it works, this Maybelline New York FitMe Foundation Stick is a real foundation. I was expecting the coverage level of Covergirl Whipped Cream Foundation but this foundation stick is full coverage, if you apply this to your pimple, it’ll disappear. And as for that shine free look they weren’t kidding at all. 

Overall I really like this foundation. The stick application is an idea I really liked back in high school, and I’m happy to see that Maybelline FitMe is also a foundation stick. Its a full coverage foundation and with core powered you’ll have a matte look without drying out your skin. 


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