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How to Wear a Thermal Vest

How to wear a thermal vest
Shirt / Vest / Jeans / Shoes / Necklace
Guide to Wearing a Thermal Vest
Technically it isn’t winter yet, and most people wouldn’t consider it all that cold (this afternoon was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit) but I’m already dressing for snowy weather. I’m not sure if I’m not very tolerant to the cool weather or what, but I’m already wearing my winter coat out and about so I figured it was the perfect time for a outfit guide on how to wear a thermal vest, since I can’t be the only one who is fond of these sleeveless contraptions. Oh and since everyone was fond of my Ugg Bailey Bow Outfit, I decided to add a different pair of UGGs to this winter weather guide. It would seem I’m becoming addicted.
  • Grey Thermal Top – Underneath your bright and fancy vest, you’re going to need something, and although I’ve seen a lot of people go the short sleeve shirt route, I always want something a little more. For me, long sleeve t-shirt makes a whole lot more sense because you need something to keep your arms warm. 
  • Ugg Knit Boots – Although the most popular type of Uggs around are the high suede ones, they aren’t nearly as durable as their low profile knit ones. Through rain, snow or mud, you won’t have to worry about these boots. Plus the knit pairs are just as warm and comfortable.
  • Boyfriend Jeans – I’ve done an outfit before on How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans, but to be honest, I like this pairing even better than the how to guide for the jeans. Although a lighter pair of jeans isn’t as slimming it looks much fresher and younger, a good tradeoff I think.
  • Quilted Thermal Vest – Of course, the main piece of this outfit, the thermal vest. I went with a bright red because it is the center piece of the outfit, and being small, you can go for something bold. The quilted texture is great for keeping it from being too pouffy. Best if left unzipped.
  • Peal Necklace – As long as you leave the thermal vest unzipped, you have the perfect space for a necklace, which is a needed addition since this outfit can be a little heavy and masculine. I went with the pearls because right now I’m lusting over a simple pearl bracelet from Tiffany’s.
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