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How to Wear a Colorblock Dress

Guide to wearing color block
Dress (similar) / Nail Polish / Shoes / Tights / Necklace 
I knew I had to do an outfit post today, so I started browsing around the internet for different, fun, and interesting pieces. When I saw this color block dress I knew I didn’t have to look any further. Right away the ideal outfit came to mind to make thins not only a great guide for wearing color block clothes but also a guide for how to wear a dress in the winter. Because as cute as those light and frilly pieces are for the summer, when winter comes around you need something a little warmer, and with a little more edge.
  • Plain Black Tights – Like most girls I love a good patterned pair of tights. I have tights with a star pattern, and tights with polkadots, but for this dress a plain pair of black tights is really what you need. Not only will they lengthen your legs, but they’ll also keep you from looking too busy something that can be a real problem with color blocking. 
  • Bright Red Pumps – If this were a more conservative pattern, one that was less party and more business I’d suggest a black shoe, I mean it would make you look taller. But I couldn’t resist adding a bright red pump especially since this outfit is so fun, and wintery. 
  • Color Block Dress – Like I said at the beginning of this post, as soon as I saw this dress I fell in love with it. The colors together are amazing. Black, white, and red are colors that look good with any (natural) hair color, and any skin tone. Another great thing about this dress is that is wool, and very warm.
  • Pearls and Red Nail Polish – I’ve really been loving pearls right now, and even added them on my How to Wear a Thermal Vest Outfit. They’re very simple and timeless. I also love the idea of adding red nail polish to this look, right now my favorite is Clarion Coral Creme Nail Lacquer.

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