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What to Wear on a Casual Winter Date

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Coat / Shirt / Jeans / Bag / Shoes (similar) 
Causal Winter Date Outfit Guide

With all the snow already here, and more to come where I’m at, now is the perfect time to do an outfit guide for a winter casual date. I’ve done an outfit post before on What to Wear on a Winter Date, but that was a year ago, and a much more formal outfit. This time around, I decided to go for a more casual, day date outfit, because that’s what I wear. Whenever I go out with my boyfriend, I’m not wearing anything super fancy. But I’m still looking cute with my casual winter wear, and that’s why I made this What to Wear on a Casual Date Guide.

  • Heart Print Jumper – I’m in love with this pastel blue jumper, to tell the truth it reminds me of a grey heart cardigan from Tj Maxx I bought. Since it is winter, a sweater is a necessity, and this one is by no means an ugly Christmas sweater, its shaped, bright, and whimsical.
  • Clear Rain Boots – I know these clear rain boots aren’t a shoe for everyone, but even if its not a rainy day outfit these boots are perfect, and a lot more fun than a pair of tennis shoes. Plus with all the slush that seems to be a part of winter, a pair of rain boots that will keep feet dry seem like a pretty good idea. 
  • Leather Satchel – You might have known by the look of this bag that its one of Philip Lim’s, and if you caught the whole leather description, you’d know this is the high end version. Not to fear though, because there’s a line of Philip Lim bags at target, and they’re just as cute as this one.
  • Skinny Jeans – I’ve done a guide before on how to look classy in jeans  and I think this outfit casual winter date outfit fits the bill. I did go with a higher waistline, because there isn’t anything sexy about constantly pulling up your pants. The medium wash is to keep from showing dirt.
  • Wool Coat – The last thing I wanted to add for the this day date outfit is a winter coat, because you’re going to need it. A lot of coats really do depend on your shape but this double breasted wool coat would look adorable, and pretty neutral. 

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