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How to Make A Ruffled Skirt (without a pattern)

You might be thinking that you’ve seen this picture and video before, and that would be because you have. I did a post with this picture in my Fall/Winter Rose Button Coat. I decided though that I could have my mother, who made the skirt do a guest post over how to make your own. Its very simple, so that any beginner can do it, and doesn’t even require a pattern. As simple as it is though, I have to admit its one of my fancier looking outfit pieces. If you want to check out more of her sewing be sure to go to her blog

I recently made a shirt from a ruffled knit and had a leftover piece(see the picture center bottom)  I thought this would make a perfect skirt for my daughter. First I cut the skirt to fit around her using the hip measurement plus an inch and then cut  a piece of knit lining (bottom right)  to match.  I sewed both into a tube and then sewed the tubes right sided together at the bottom (second picture right side).  Next I  trimmed about 1-1/2 inch from the lining top ( top right picture) and sewed the tubes together at the top edge (bottom left picture).  This will give you a nice finish for  your hem. 

 Next take your elastic and cut it about 3 inches shorter than the measurement were you want the skirt to ride, hip or waist.  This needs to be shorter because the elastic stretches.  Sew the elastic into a tube and divide it equally into fourths.   I usually place a straight pin at each quarter mark.  Divide the skirt into fourths and mark.  Matching the marks sew the elastic to the skirt.  You are now finished and have a new skirt in less time than it took to shop for one.


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