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Getting a Used Cat

I’ve been wanting a cat for what seems like forever. I asked for one for Valentines day and then my birthday, after that for Christmas as well. I kept trying though and constantly showed pictures of cats I liked to my parents which were from both the humane society and my local animal shelter. Somehow they finally came around and my mother and I went to the Franklin Animal Control building to get a cat. 
Going in it wasn’t at all what I expected. It was so clean and bright, all the cats were in the cat room, but there were two rules, no bags, and no touching the cats. They’re all so friendly though and stick out their paws that you can’t help but touch them. I ended up trying three out in a little room, the first was rather nice but played too rough, the next was too shy, so I went with the third, Cricket. She had her microchip in and was in the box ready to go when one of the older women realized she’d have to go straight to the vet and get spayed before we could have her.
new cat coming home

 Two days later, because it had been too late by the time we got her for her to have her surgery and she had to have an overnighter we went to pick up Cricket. The woman bringing her out was swinging her around on the cage while walking, so I was sure to be a little more careful. On the drive she was just fine, and when my parents went in a store to get Cricket a collar with a bell. After a few minutes in the car she settled down nicely and I managed to take this picture of her, as you can see I’m wearing pants from my Nordstrom Rack Haul.

cat sitting on bathroom rug
litter box with a cat sleeping
calico cat in the water

When she came home we were all surprised how well she was doing. I know after I had my wisdom teeth out I felt terrible for three full days. Cricket however was happily eating and drinking as soon as she came in. Until she used her litter box for bathroom needs, not just laying in like she is in the picture she was stuck in the bathroom. I did find out though that she loves water and playing fetch so I’m sure I’ll post some videos of Cricket in the future.


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