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Caturday with Cricket

Cricket and Hanna Lei
Blogger and her calico cat

One week ago today, I brought home Cricket the used cat. To be honest the first day I wasn’t at all a fan. She tried twice to climb the Christmas tree, knocked down a few ornaments that were low enough to reach, carried one of my circle lenses cases into her litter box, and terrorized Elizabeth the African Grey. Not only that but I was allergic to her. Sneezing, and a constant runny nose made even better by dry eyes and blotchy places all over my skin made it pretty easy for me to be a little upset with our new house member.

As the week went by she grew on me, after the first night, she became a little calmer, I mean she still tries to get in the trash open up all the cabinets, but in comparison this behavior is just cute. She is so sweet too. If she sees me sitting on the couch she runs over and jumps into my lap, if I’m laying in bed she comes to cuddle with me there. It seems she’s also gotten over trying to eat Elizabeth the African Grey. The best part though is that as the week progressed my immune system seemed to get used to Cricket the cat and now I’m just down to a runny nose when she’s around.

As annoyed as I was with her, I don’t think I could have picked out a better cat and I’m glad we have her with us now. It just took a little warming up, for me anyways. She decided after the first hour that she was home. Anyway I’ll finish this off with a cute video of Cricket playing with yarn. You see that part at the end, she did that to my sweatshirt strings and about strangled me.


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