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Outfit: Oasap Mittens, Peta T-Shirt

mittens on Hanna Lei

When I did my Sequin Boots OTTD I thought that was an outfit for the freezing cold winter. Since then I’ve had my attitude readjusted by much colder weather and in December when I had my Oasap credits refilled I knew that I had to get these mittens. I have two pairs of fingerless gloves (and some arm warmers) but mittens are the way to go. This whole Vegan Peta outfit with mittens is super casual, and actually quite perfect for my back to college winter style. Very similar to What to Wear on a casual winter date.

Grey Peacoat – Nordstrom
T-shirt – Peta Street Team
Ripped Jeans – Diesel
Mittens – Oasap.com
Undershirt – Kohls
Boots – Juicy Couture

First is the Peta2 Hug a Vegan Day T-shirt. I got this by participation in the street teem, just like that Veggie Burger Tee although I have to say I like this vegan one a lot more. Since its so thin I do have to have a tank underneath it. I decided on a very destroyed pair of jeans, that is partially because of wear and partially the way I bought them. Then since it is snowing again I went with the Juicy Couture boots, that are ages old, and my Grey Peacoat from Nordstrom.

This isn’t one of my fancy outfits, but more of any every day wear kind of a thing. Oh and if you want to see the whole outfit (instead of mostly my face) you’ll have to watch the video. I didn’t manage to get any good photos of the outfit mostly because of my whole weight gain thing.


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