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Caturday: Cricket Plays Fetch

Originally when I put up my first Caturday blog post  I planned on doing one every week with her, but last week, I was super involved in my own stuff and totally forgot about it, so I think it’s okay if I just pretend that this week is just week number two and last week was some sort of bonus that I missed. Anyways, for this Caturday I wanted to showcase one of my cat Crickets, talents which is playing fetch. When I first got her  I was playing with her throwing a ball, and was very surprised that she’d bring it back to me. Since then we’ve tied a string onto one of those bell balls and its her absolute favorite toy to use. Its a little funny because there’s about nothing cheaper than that. 

I’m not sure how impressive it actually is that she can play fetch but I make anyone who comes over to my house play with her so they can see it happen, even if they saw it the last time they were over. I don’t care, I’m just proud of my cat. In the video above though it looks more like I’m a child throwing things around and she’s picking them up, and trying to set them back in their place. I promise normally she’s a lot more enthusiastic about playing with her “string toy”.  Actually she likes to drag it all around the house and then has it taken from her by Checkers the Dog, who isn’t nearly so gentle with toys. 

its a cat


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