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How to Wear Round Sunglasses

wearing round sunglasses
Tank / Jeans / Jacket / Sunglasses / Shoes 

So I’m a huge fan of sunglasses I’ve done outfits featuring heart shaped sunglasses, Bohemian Floral Print Sunglasses and the list could keep going on. For me sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement but on sunny days a necessity. I have rather large eyes, and they are pretty sensitive plus nobody wants to get cataracts when they’re old. For this look I decided to go for a vintage looking round pair of sunglasses, and make a classy casual look to go with it. For me an outfit like the round sunglasses one, can be worn out almost anywhere, and with the jacket a large variety of weathers. 

  • Round Sunglasses – Of course the first part of this look has to be the round sunglasses because that’s what’s in the title. This specific pair of sunglasses is only $9 from 80’s purple. I picked them because I love the brown tint, and the frame being a dark brown plastic. 
  • Crochet Toms – I know that just like Uggs, a lot of people don’t like Toms, but I’ve done a post over how to wear Toms with the Crochet pair, that are just like these. They’re very comfortable but still quite feminine looking because of the crocheting. 
  • Ruffled Crop Top – I’ve done an outfit guide on how to wear a crop top, as well as wearing them a lot on my own, and although I wouldn’t call myself an expert this ruffled crop top was new to me. I’ve never seen one like it, and its such a good idea, its the perfect crop top for a girl that does have a little bit of stomach.
  • Oversized Check Coat – To pair with my crop top, partially because its freezing outside, and partially for modesty I went with this oversized black and white jacket that reminds me a lot of houndstooth. I love the look a big jacket makes with a small shirt, and since this one goes past the waist its just that.
  • Super Skinny Jeans – The more and more I see Hudson jeans the further in love I feel with them, so of course that’s what I wanted to add to this round sunglasses outfit. I went for the super skinny, because the top is ruffled, and the coat is so big.

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