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Baking Pillsbury Classic Fudge Brownies

picture of brownies that are crumbly
photo of brownies from mix

These first two pictures are of my pillsbury mix classic fudge brownies that I made, and although I wasn’t expecting them to turn out all that great, especially since the Jiffy fudge brownie mix was so bad somehow though these ended up being fantastic, and the only complaint I have is that they are a little too thin. I wish I had used a better camera to take these photos but I think that you can at least sort of see how crumbly the outside of these brownies are. On the inside they are super soft, though and after trying out a piece I really wished I had homemade vanilla ice-cream  to go with them. 

classic fudge brownies

To start with you’re going to need the pillsbury classic fudge brownie mix which I believe I got for a dollar. After that there are only a few more ingredients. 1/4 cup of oil, two tablespoons of water and one egg. The egg I used was one of those huge farm ones, which may have help out my brownie a little bit. Then I mixed that all up with a stand mixer, but since that didn’t do a great job I ended up getting the bottom and the sides myself with a wooden spoon from my Shipshewana haul. That took away the wetness that I thought the mix had. Afterwards I sprayed the bottom of my eight by eight pan with cooking spray and started pouring in the classic fudge brownie mix. As soon as I started I realized how little mix there actually was and basically had to fight to get all the mix out and cover the bottom of the pan. Very odd considering that an 8×8 was the recommended pan size. I thought maybe it would end up rising but it didn’t, and according to my mother they never do. I just must have been thinking of a cake instead. 

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