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Making a Pet Bed with Sewing Scraps

pet bed

My mother is a big time sewing person. She has a whole room dedicated to her passion, and at least every other day I see her in there working on something. She’s even done a guest blog over here on How to Make a Ruffled Skirt without a Pattern. With all this sewing she accumulates a ton of little scrap pieces and since we do strive to be “green” in our family, she doesn’t want to throw them away. So instead we came up with making simple and cheap pet beds to reuse the scraps as stuffing. We make these as dog beds, but they can be for a cat as well, or really any animal that would enjoy a fabric padded thing to lay on.

To begin with you’re going to need one large piece of fabric, how large depends on how large your pet is and what size you think they’d want. By folding it in half you should be able to tell if its going to be the right size for your pet. The next step is surging two of the sides of the pet bed, with one side already being done due to the fact that your fabric was folded in half. The next step is putting in the sewing scraps, if they’re too big and chunky cut them down to size with scissors. For me this is anything over 4 by 4 inches, but if its an especially thick piece of fabric I might cut it up even if its under that limit. When I’m done stuffing it I take it over to the sewing machine fold down the edges and sew it closed.

When we get a few together we take them over to our local animal shelter where I got my used cat, because they’re always requesting things like old blankets and even towels for the animals to have either to lay on or just as a comfort in their cages. Another great, but a little more complicated idea is using scraps to make a cat shaped dog toy.


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