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Prom Outfit Style on a Budget

budget prom fashion
Dress / Clutch (simliar) / Shoes
Outfit For Prom Under $100

Prom isn’t for awhile yet, but I know of a few people that are already looking for their prom dress so I decided I might as well do a prom style outfit now. Last year I did a what to wear to prom outfit, and before that a Winter Formal Outfit and since I liked how those turned out, why not do another one? This prom dress outfit style is a little different though, because its under $100 for the shoes clutch and dress, not an easy feat considering all of the markups that are typical of prom dresses, and accessories. I didn’t add any jewelry to this outfit, but at places like Forever 21 or Claire’s, there are a lot of cheap pieces that are quite cute. I almost added a pair of tights to this outfit, but since its a budget prom dress outfit not a budget winter formal outfit I held back. 

  • Black Mesh Prom Dress – This dress is $50, I love mesh skirts on prom dresses because they add volume and the high waist gives the whole long legs illusion that I’m always trying to achieve. With the lace cover on the top, even if your school doesn’t allow sleeveless you can still wear the sweetheart cut, and the short length is the only way I like my dresses, floor length it a big hassle and very uncomfortable. As a warning be careful were you buy your dress if you’re looking online because places like Dressale are a scam, that lure people in with a cheap price. 
  • Black Suede Heels – I guess I took all that extra comfort from having a short dress (which are normally cheaper by the way and don’t have to be altered as commonly) and put it into very high heels. Of course these are just for looks, and there isn’t any shame in bringing along a pair of flats for when you feet get tired. 
  • Glittery Clutch – The last piece to make the outfit is this $20 clutch that matches the top half of the dress. Its big enough to fit all the small things, and really you shouldn’t need much more than that. It is a hard case so it’ll keep its shape, and look a lot nicer than a leather one would. 

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