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Making a Chest, Staining it

I’ve done posts on Day One of Woodworking, Day Two of Woodworking, and Day Three of Woodworking, and after that third day my chest was actually finished, which meant it was time for the cosmetics. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to work on it, thanks to school and other obligations so I was really happy to be able to get to my grandparents and work on it. Being able to do more on this chest was even on my spring break to do list, and I’m very happy to cross it off on my list. 

The thing to get done today was the staining, and I bought it a long time ago thinking I’d get this whole project done a lot faster. The color I went with is black so that it matches the other pieces of furniture, I actually had to make a big decision about this because although I wanted the black because of that, the wood grain is so pretty I felt like it was kind of a shame to cover it all up. That’s when I realized I could put a clear coat on the inside that way I could keep some of the wood color, and its probably better that way so that I can have the inside a little lighter. 

I had brought along a brush with me but thanks to my grandfather I went with using a rag instead. I started with the lid and then but wood blocks underneath.  When that was done I had help turning my chest on its side and then worked on all those sides. By the third side I was so tired of it. Eventually I got the whole thing stained and rubbed, which means all I have to do is a clear coat of gloss. 


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