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How to Wear Acid Wash Jeans

how to wear acid wash jeans
Shoes / Jeans / Bag / Sunglasses / Top 

Without Looking Like You’re Straight From The 1980’s

I know that I just did a cheap prom look, but today I’m going in the complete opposite direction, and doing not only a look that is casual, but also, a much more expensive outfit, with designer items. Of course like with all of my other designer styled pieces I’m sure you can find a similar look for less. Anyways, today’s look is styling acid wash, very light, jeans in a more modern way, then how they were worn in the 80’s. I went for a sophisticated edgy look, pairing them with a few trendy pieces, that may not normally be associated with acid wash denim, but still kept it from looking too busy.

  • Acid Wash Jeans – Of course the first part of the outfit for a guide on wearing acid washed denim jeans has to be the jeans. I went with this pair because they have a medium rise waistline and skinny legs, so that its more flattering, something that can be a problem with light colored jeans. I did consciously go for a wash that wasn’t as splotchy as well.
  •  Split Color Top – I absolutely love this trend, and actually bought my own color block asymmetric top from Tj Maxx. It gives a very modern, and laid back feel with enough fashion that it looks like you know what you’re doing when you pair it with anything. The high neckline is perfect for a pretty necklace. 
  • Round Sunglasses – I just did a guide on wearing round sunglasses, and when I saw this Chanel pair I just had to add them to my outfit. Along with the color block top, these sunglasses keep the acid wash pants from looking like something you just pulled out of  your mother’s closet (or goodwill) and give it a fashionable feel.
  • High Heel Sandals – When I saw these shoes I just couldn’t pass them up. Unfortunately though they are a bit hard to style with any outfit, although with all the black, and edgy feel going around, I think they fit right in. 
  • Edged Leather Bag – Normally I only like top handle bags or crossbody bags but this Steve Madden one just called to me. I love the slouchy feel for this acid wash jeans look because it brings out some of the casualness that the other pieces covered up.

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