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Review: Smarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins

all in one multivitamin smarty pants

I was recently given a Bulu box to review, and one of the products inside was this packet of Smarty Pants gummy vitamins for grownups. They are in all in one multivitamin with Omega 3s and Vitamin D. An excellent source of the Omega 3 DHA+ EPA and Vitamin D3 plus 9 other key nutrients. Organic sweeteners only with no high frutose corn syrup gluten and casein free made in California in a GMP certified facility and 3rd party lab tested. Six gummed daily. Now that you know a little bit about the Smarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins I’ll get on with my review.

Starting with the packaging, I can’t say all that much since this is a sample, but I actually like it the green color reminds me of spring and is quite pleasing. I love the little pink character on the front and the alternating green and pink text. On the back there is all the vitamin information that not only tells you what percent of the recommended daily value you’re getting but also where its from.

Looking at the Smarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins, they remind me of a hard candy. They’re an orange red, that looks like a gummy drop and the top looks as if though its sprinkled in sugar. They have a little bit of a vitamin smell and taste but are actually really good. I’d almost be afraid of eating the whole bottle at once. They’re just the right amount of chewy.  

Overall I really like the Adult Gummy Vitamins by Smarty Pants. They taste great and are much more natural than a lot of other vitamins. I’m not however  big fan of the fact that you have a serving size of six, one and done is my kind of thing, but as I mentioned you might find ourself trying to eat more than that so maybe it isn’t such a bad thing. I’m not completely sold on the whole vitamin  supplement thing, because I think I should get enough from my foods but for someone who does, these are really great. I can see as I continue my journey to get fit these would be great. 


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