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Review: Body Glove Chocolate Flavored Energy Gel

Green Tea and Honey & Protein

Just like those smarty pants adult gummy vitamins I talked about this Body Glove Surge Energy Gel came in a Bulu box. Its supposed to give you more energy faster more energy longer, and just all around more energy than the leading shot. Its green tea honey and protein power but with a chocolate taste. This is the actual size one serving, although when you bought them at a store they aren’t individual but rather in a twelve pack.

Starting with the packaging of the Body Glove Surge Energy Gel I don’t think its all that bad. Sure it isn’t pretty like some of the beauty products I use, but I think the market is more towards men. I like that it has all the product information I need on the back and the flavor in an easy to see place. I do wish though that it had a specific place to open that way I don’t have to worry about spilling it.

I decided to try out this chocolate flavored energy gel while I was at school. I had already eaten lunch and was getting a little drowsy so I thought an energy shot would be the perfect thing to get me moving again, so I opened it up and tried it. The first smell that came to me was a very synthetic chocolate scent, and it only got worse from there. This tasted so bad that I only got a tiny bit down before having to throw it away. It reminded me of medicine.

So I guess I can’t really say if this would keep you going or not, but since it has a lot of caffeine I imagine that it would do a pretty good job. As I mentioned before, I’m not a serious training person (although that might change soon) so something like this isn’t exactly what I need, I’m still on the move nourish believe level. Even if I were more serious about getting fit, I don’t think I would use Body Glove Surge Energy Gel because the taste is terrible.


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