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Review: BSN N.O. -XPLODE

supplement to maximize pump

Even though I’m trying to get myself in a more muscular sort of shape, I’m sure a lot of you know that I wouldn’t buy this BSN N.O. -XPLODE on my own, it actually came in a Bulu box. I know that people who are serious about working out do love these sort of supplements, I remember someone in high school, a very large kid using this kind of stuff, and it did work for him. Since it does have a blue razzle flavor I had to try it out though.

Starting with the packaging I hate it. I hate that its so shiny that if you’re in the wrong lighting then you can’t really see what it says, but most of all I hate the name. I mean how do you say BSN N.O. -XPLODE. I do like though that it has all the information listed on the back in an easy to read format and I can’t complain too much about the fact its in a packet like the Body Glove Surge Energy Gel because it actually comes in a in a tub, which is great because then you aren’t set to a specific serving size. 

To use the Blue Raz BSN N.O. -XPLODE mix with water there are serving size suggestions, but if its your first time using it you should go below those to see how it works for you. Its also very important that you stir not shake. Using it I like the flavor, but for some vitamins it has 1000% or 2000% of your daily needed value and I don’t think that’s very healthy. 

Overall I don’t think the BSN N.O. -XPLODE is for me. I’m not someone who’s trying to get muscle just to have more muscle, and I don’t think its all that healthy. I do like the taste though, and for a body builder or athlete I think this would be worth trying.


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