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Review: Tapaz 2 Go

Hummus and Chips together

Another Bulu Box item, and probably the thing I was most excited about when I opened up the box was this tapaz 2 Go. I absolutely love snacks and the fact that this one is super healthy and GMO free made it all the better to try out. I hadn’t even heard of lentil crackers before getting this snack and have only had hmm us a few times, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be something I’d like but it’s actually a snack that works well for me.

Starting with the packaging on the Tapaz 2 Go I like it. It clearly shows that you’re getting crackers as well as dip, and is labeled well. On the back I wish they had the nutrients for both things together, but I understand why they don’t when you open it up the crackers are on the top, and the dip on the bottom. The box actually has a round insert to rest your hummus dip in to make a little tray. 

I took this to school with me to try and stay away from getting food from the vending machine. This was sort of my lunch, so I was very eager to get to eating it. Together the lentil crackers and the hummus was very good. I wish that the hummus would have had a little bit more flavor, maybe some spice to it, and the lentil crackers would have been quite plain on their own. This Tapaz 2 Go did fill me up though and stopped me for ruining my diet at the vending machine.

Overall I liked the Tapaz 2 Go a lot. It tastes great, although it could use a few improvements. I love the idea of having a chip and dip together for a snack, especially such a healthy snack. If I can find these in a store near me, I’m going to be eating them for school lunch again.


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