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How to Wear a Floral Bomber Jacket

outfit with a girly bomber jacket
Jacket / Shoes / Jeans / Hat / Bag 

I’ve seen these floral bomber jackets in shops for ever now and although I thought they were pretty interesting, I couldn’t imagine myself ever wearing one. They just seemed impossible to style, in any sort of way. The other day though I saw a girl wearing one, and it looked great on her so I figured I could give it a shot. Originally I paired it with the skirt from my How to Wear a Circle Skirt Guide, but then I decided that it would look even better if I made an edgier rougher outfit, so that’s what I did. However since I still wanted to keep this look from being to grunge I did add a feminine piece, and now that I think about it a hair bow would look good with this Floral Bomber Jacket Outfit as well. 

  • Floral Bomber Jacket – If you look at almost any trendy store right now I can almost guarantee you’ll find one of these Floral Bomber Jackets, and they’re all fairly similar. I went with this one in particular because the two different shades of pink that it has, taking away some of the masculine feel of the jacket. 
  • Black Combat Boots – I have a pair of Steve Madden Combat boots  in a creamy color that would also  go really  well with this jacket but I decided to instead use a black pair. I love the darker feel that it brings out of the jacket, and since it is a bomber jacket I think combat boots are a must.
  • Light Skinny Jeans – Well the fit I decided for these jeans, is skinny because that flatters my shape and also because the jacket is a little bulky. I did though go with a mid rise jean because bomber jackets tend to be cut a little short. I went with a light wash so I didn’t have too much dark color.
  • Black Beanie – I’ve done a few outfit posts about wearing a beanie and I figured it would be a great addition to this outfit. If you’re trying to go for a little bit more of a girly look though you could instead  put a bow in your hair to tie it back.
  • Pastel Bag – Because it is almost time for spring, I had to add in this pink pastel bag. I got a bright pink coach bag for my birthday ,  which would also be perfect for this Floral Bomber Jacket outfit. It adds a feminine feel to an outfit that could otherwise be a little overpowering. 

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