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8" Green Earth Pan: Frying an Egg

what's on the packaging of the green earth pan looks

I was contacted by the people at Ozeri to review their Green Earth Pan, and since I love cooking, I was very excited to try it out. I was even more excited when I learned more about the pan. First off its a ceramic pan, but unlike your normal ceramic pan it features a Greblon coating that is 100% PTFE and PFOA free that gives it a non-stick coating, imported from Germany. This means no harmful heavy metals or chemicals, amazing non stick performance, its durable and scratch resistant, very eco friendly. When the pan came to me, it arrived in a nondescript box. Opening that up was the actually box for the pan, which offers some information about it as well as very pretty artwork on the front. There was also an instruction booklet talking about how to wash the green earth pan as well as the best way to cook with it. 

pictures of the green earth pan

Opening up the box, I was very happy with how how nice the Green Earth Pan looks, the amazon pictures didn’t do it justice at all. The handle is silicone and feels very comfortable to hold, and doesn’t heat up. The inside texture is a little different than I’m used to, being elevated which creates air pockets to distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking. This also helps to keep food from sticking and makes for an easier cleanup. I love the very shiny bottom and the pattern there, but my favorite is that this eco friendly green earth pan is actually green. Its not just any green though, but a very retro one, that I’d expect to see on 70’s era pyrex bowls

pictures of frying an egg

 To test out the 8″ Green Earth Pan to see if it lived up to all the hype I saw on the amazon reviews I decided to fry an egg. After quickly cleaning it with warm soapy water, rinsing it off and then towel drying it I was ready to fry my egg. Just like the directions said to, I added a little oil and then let my pan heat up before putting cracking the egg and putting it on. I think in part to the textured bottom of the green earth pan my egg cooked a lot faster than with other pans that I’ve used. Flipping it over was no problem at all, the egg didn’t stick to the side at all. On a side note, I was sure to use a non metal spatula to flip my egg that way I wasn’t scratching the surface of my nonstick pan.

egg going on the plate

Since the pan’s non stick coating was working so well, and I noticed that I cold slid the egg all around the pan, I decided to forgo the use of the spatula and see if I could just dump my egg onto the plate and eat it, and it worked. I really love the whole design of the 8″ Green Earth Pan. The green color is fantastic, and the pan is just so sleek looking. It also really is non stick, so I didn’t have any problem frying my egg and I think anything else would be just as easy to make.  


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