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How to Wear a Transparent Jacket

outfit that's transparent
Jacket (similar) / Top / Bag / Jeans / Boots

I was trying to put together another day date outfit what to wear, when I cam upon this transparent coat, and I couldn’t pass it up. Of course it could still be a causal kind of date look but, with a little more edge that this transparent coat gives. To tell the truth it reminds me a little of rain boots that were really in last season, and I almost added in rain boots and made this a stylish outfit for the rain, instead of a guide on wearing a transparent coat, but I decided to go with a little bit of a softer look instead. With an umbrella though I think this look would be perfect look for going out in the rain

  • Transparent Biker Jacket – Of course the feature piece of this outfit is the transparent coat. I love the edge that the biker cut gives it, but the big reason that I picked it is because of the colors that are in the seams, and maybe just a few around. The zippered side pockets are fun although I think I’d look pretty awkward to have things in them. 
  • UGG Short Suade Boots – I’ve done a guide on how to wear UGG boots before, and these short ankle hitting pair are perfect for the look. The hight is going to lengthen legs and the suede will soften up the look. I went with the brown specifically so it doesn’t clash with the colors of the transparent coat.
  • Lightly Distressed Jeans – Maybe its just me, but I think the perfect type of jeans are a skinny cut with a little bit of wear to them, and lately I’ve also been looking specifically for pairs that sit a little higher on the waist. Since this is a more casual look a lighter pair is better, you can also see other ways to look classy in jeans.
  • Satin Tank – Another thing I decided to add to soften up that transparent coat is a satin tank. It’ll not only look softer but feel better against the skin than nylon. The black color just like the brown boots is so that it won’t be too much with all the colors on the jacket. 
  • Quilted Shoulder Bag – Since I went with neutrals for both the boots and the top, I decided to add a little pop I could use this blue green bag. I love the chain strap to match the biker cut of the transparent jacket and went with a leather quilted fabric for a different texture.

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