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What to Wear on a Study Date

what to wear on a study date
Jeans / Bag / Shoes / Top
Since I spent most of last week studying for a physics test, and this whole weekend, from Friday morning to Sunday evening I was working on my program, a huge rant coming up about that. Since all I’ve been doing lately, and thinking about is studying and school in general, what’s better than an outfit for a study date. This is a casual look but not a “college casual” look because that would be sweatpants and a t-shirt. This study date look would also be great for an everyday outfit to wear around your crush. Or a what to wear on a first date, which this outfit is a part of. 
  • Polkadot Jumper – I have to say that I’m not always the biggest sweatshirt fan but there are so many cute ways to wear a sweatshirt and they are so comfy to wear, as well as a kind of put together casual (and a college staple) that I had to add this black with white one to my outfit. 
  • Ripped Skinny Jeans – I know that I add jeans to a lot of my outfits, but its what I wear. Skirts on a casual date can come across as high maintenance, and they can cause problems! To go with a sweatshirt I only do skinny jeans and a ripped pair makes them a little more interesting.
  • Laser Cut Ballerina Flats – My favorite type of shoe to wear are ballerina flats, they’re almost as comfortable as tennis shoes, and much cuter. Laser cut bags, and shoes are really in now, and for good reason.
  • Leather Backpack – Of course if you’re going to be going on a study date, you’ll need something to carry your books, folders, and other schooling accessories. I love this very simple leather one.

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